What to read about the Alexander Technique


A vast amount has been written about the Alexander Technique. (Books currently available range from the profoundly serious to the embarrassingly nonsensical. Some are general, some highly specialized.)

Here we suggest a few books that we are sure will be useful to newcomers to the Alexander Technique. If you would like to know more about specific approaches, do ask us. Tell us about your particular areas of interest: our teachers will be delighted to advise you.

To whet your appetite

Body Learning, by Michael Gelb, London: Aurum, 1981, 1987, 1994 - ISBN 1 85410 286 9
Ever-popular introduction to the Alexander Technique. Intelligent, entertaining, good photos.

Curiosity Recaptured, ed. by Jerry Sontag, San Francisco, Mornum Time Press, 1996 - ISBN 0 9644352 1 7
Interesting collection of essays. People from many walks in life describe their ways of applying the Alexander Technique, and what it means to them in terms of "a greater sense of freedom and curiosity in the world".

To help you get down to it

The Use of the Self, by F.M. Alexander (1932), London: Gollancz, 1985 - ISBN 0 575 03720 2
The third, shortest, and most approachable of Alexander's four books. Describes how he made his original discovery, and explores some of the implications.

Explaining the Alexander Technique, by Walter Carrington and Seán Carey, London: Sheildrake, 1992 - ISBN 0 951998 8 X
The essential companion to Alexander's works. Conversations, clear and readable.
Seán Carey (anthropologist/Alexander teacher) asks the questions.
Walter Carrington (Alexander's principal assistant) answers them - giving us the benefit of his sixty years' thinking about and around the subject.

Mind and Muscle - an owner's handbook, by Elizabeth Langford, Louvain: Garant, 1999, 2002, 2008 - ISBN 978-90-441-2267-1
A practical book by the former Head of Training at the Alexander Technique Centre. Plain language explanations of links between thoughts, emotions, and muscle behaviour. A book for the general reader that has been warmly welcomed by professionals.

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