Monique Vanormelingen


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Monique Vanormelingen studied Social Sciences at the Catholic University of Louvain, obtaining her Masters Degree in 1980. She also holds Postgraduate Degrees in Library and Information Sciences (UIA, 1986) and in Informatics (VUB, 1989). She worked in the university libraries of Brussels and Louvain and  in 1994 became co-ordinator of the documentation centre of the Flemish Institute for Health Promotion.

Her search for a efficient preventive method to forestall recurring stress-related neck and shoulder problems brought her in contact with the Alexander Technique.
While training as an Alexander teacher she translated Mind and Muscle by Elizabeth Langford. Denken en Bewegen: een handboek voor coördinatie en evenwicht is published by Garant.

She was Head of Trainin of the Teacher Training Course from 2009 till 2016.

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