What is the Alexander Technique?


The Alexander Technique is a technique for getting the best out of oneself in any situation. It concerns the basic co-ordination patterns and habits that influence every movement we make.

Many people today interfere, unknowingly, with the functioning of the postural mechanisms on which so much else is dependent. Whatever your age, interests, or state of health, by learning how to avoid this interference, it is possible to gain greater control of your own reactions, and the understanding and confidence that lead to a pleasanter, more satisfying life.


The Alexander Technique is

NOT a treatment

NOT a relaxation method

NOT a system of exercises

NOT a form of posture training

As the name implies, the Alexander Technique is

a fascinating learning process

an intelligent way of influencing your own well-being

awareness of factors that affect your health and happiness


As your knowledge of the Alexander Technique deepens, it may well come about that improvements in yourself begin to have a silent but helpful influence on the adults and children who make up your environment.

The Alexander Technique originated in the late nineteenth century from the researches of Frederick Matthias Alexander, who was encouraged by distinguished members of the medical profession to make his work known to the general public. The Technique that Alexander continued to develop until his death in 1955 is taught by his former pupils, and people trained by them. Appreciation of its practical results is still growing steadily, and has spread to some 35 countries in all five continents.

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