In memory of Elizabeth Langford (1929-2009)


Dearest Betty,

It is difficult to imagine that you are gone, on this mysterious and, I imagine, beautiful journey, precisely because your presence here is so much felt.

Thank you for what you gave to all of us, as a teacher and as a friend.

Thank you for never giving up, for being so obstinate in your research and in your wish to open up our mind.

Thank you for showing me how life is so much easier and simpler than I could ever imagine.

Thank you for being such a demanding teacher, whose precision and rigor always pushed further the limits of our awareness.

Thank you for your great storytelling skills and your irresistible sense of humor.

Thank you for all that you didn’t say, and that we were responsible for finding out by ourselves.

Thank you for being such an accomplished artist, not only as a musician and as a teacher, but also in the art of living and of enjoying every moment of life.

Thank you for your incredible inner strength, and your absolute integrity, conveyed to us as you were showing us directions, either with your hands or just simply while communicating a thought, an idea, a wish, a doubt, a discovery.

Thank you for your support and your eagerness in helping us find a way when we would feel stuck somewhere. Feeling stuck would almost become a pleasure, because of knowing that this would lead us to a discovery, somehow drawing us nearer to you.

As Julie was saying, wherever we’ll be looking for you, you’ll be there.

Thank you for being there, Betty, and Bon Voyage.


Read by Hazel Carrie

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