Mind and Muscle and Music
A companion to Mind and Muscle: an owner's handbook

Elizabeth Langford
Leuven (Belgium): Alexandertechniek Centrum vzw, 2008 - 227 p.
ISBN 978 90-808491-3-6

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The author’s first book, Mind and Muscle: an owner’s handbook has come to be seen as a requirement for anyone seriously interested in the Alexander Technique. 

Mind and Muscle and Music is designed specifically to be read in conjunction with Mind and Muscle. Many references first guide the reader to explanations to be found in the earlier book – explanations that are then expanded here from a musician’s point of view.


This is a book for musicians, whether professional or amateur, for music teachers, for music students at all levels, and for Alexander teachers who work with musicians. Administrators, too – whether of orchestras or of music schools – will appreciate a closer look into the lives of the musicians with whom their work is linked.


Elizabeth Langford’s experience of many aspects of musical life has left her with a profound wish, as an Alexander teacher, to promote the well-being of her fellow musicians. This book is the outcome of that forty-year wish.


Contents of Mind and Muscle and Music

Overture – a word to every musician

Double Bass
Classical Guitar
Brass instruments
Timpani and Percussion

Performance Anxiety

Support and Balance


Letter to a doctor
Report on my first Alexander pupils
Alexander Technique and the Musicians’ Union
Early days of Alexander teaching in music colleges
Musicians and Alexander teachers
Reflections on Only Connect: Theme and Variations
Whither music education?


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